"You can fool some of the people all of the time
or all of the people some of the time
but not all of the people all of the time."

- Abraham Lincoln

Food is yummier when shared :-)

There were many days when I went to restaurants all alone (lunchtime – most of my colleagues brought lunch, and I didn’t fancy going to Saravana Bhavan and Sangeeta and be sandwiched amidst men of all builds tucking into hefty lunches). I’d seat myself in a comfy nook in Pizza Corner, overlooking Indian Bank (the view grows on you – quiet and old worldly :-P) and order their tomato-mushroom pasta which is pretty decent and occasionally tomato soup or a brownie. I’d browse through an FHM (yeah!) or Stardust (which we used to subscribe in office) during the never ending wait for the super slow waiter, who was occasionally treated to a few words using an “on the verge of an explosion but trying to be polite” tone of voice. Lunching alone was actually fun (as opposed to what most people think) and when people stared at me, I could stare back in a queenly, demeaning manner. On that note, Eatalica is also a pretty good place to eat – but only for their lasagna. Carnival’s (Alwarpet) humble Chinese, pav bhaji and cakes (bliss!) are yummy too.

Then I stopped having lunch at restos so often and even eating out often. Outside food slowly translated to chocolaty treats at the likes of Coffee Day and Sandy’s Chocolab. On these occasions, I met up with some fellow chocolate lovers, especially with a friend N, who is possibly an even bigger chocoholic than me (shudder!!).

One day we had Belgian Chocolate Drink at Coffee World (simply fantawantabulous) but decided that was not enough of a treat; so we headed to Sandy’s, which is a stone’s throw away and had waffles & pancakes (shared!). Plus, N had a dark chocolate cake. Then we waddled out with ecstatic grins on our faces. Many more such experiences stay fresh in my mind J (and thanks to all the wonderful people who shared them with me!).

Recently, I had a fun day, which was filled with “eating out” experiences. I’d come down to my Mom’s place that day. And took the opportunity to meet a friend who works at Ascendas. Could spend only a little over half an hour with her, but it was fun. I had a Pizza Hut simple veggie at the food court, and boy, it was yummy! This place has got its formula right! Usually I find myself longing for some (any) good old Iyer-style food after a pizza – the latter never really satisfied me (except the original Italian pizza I had in Rome - fabulous!) till the Ascendas lunch. In fact I remember a time - when I think I put off someone completely, mentioning that I had curd rice for breakfast, lunching on pizza together, wasting half of it and going home, having curd rice, and mentioning the same to the person (Arrgghh! But I still can’t believe I had it for breakfast – I haven’t been doing that for quite a long time, thankfully.) I’ve shed that reputation, I believe.

Coming back to the lunch with my friend – I also shared her falooda – it was so yummy… the perfect drink for a hot afternoon, and sharing it with a friend was lovely. What a difference that makes, even if you can spend only half an hour together!

I also bought a chocolate cake from Pizza Hut (which, unfortunately, I didn't have room for) and a brownie from the French Loaf bakery there (the one near my Mom’s house doesn’t sell those anymore L and now I live far, far away from French Loaf, so I had to utilize the opportunity). These two were nestling in a bag, waiting to be eaten on consecutive days. But my cousin came that evening and I shared those with him (exactly half-half as it always is with chocolaty stuff… he he). They were simply yummy – the brownie laden with satisfyingly chunky walnut pieces and topped with a thick layer of chocolate, the choco cake with yummy choco chips.

That day, I also spent quality time with my Mom and went with her to Fruit Shop on Greams Road (in Besant Nagar – after a long time). I had a Walnut Twist, and she, a vanilla milkshake. We shared quite a lot of it. It was simply delicious and super special J. My Mom became a big fan of the Fruit Shop experience. Fruit Shop remains one of the best places around, in spite of a barrage of Baristas and Coffee Days. Nothing like a refreshing drink on a hot day or a sultry evening. Plus, decent pricing and satisfying taste. Two thumbs up!

Maybe my horoscope for the day said that I’d share food with people or something… :-D. Such days are a delight for the foodie (or rather, chocolaty ;-) that I am). I am waiting for more of those experiences. And it was just as blissful writing this blog entry & sharing it with you!

Pros and Cons of Bus Travel (21 G - throat choking smiley)

You realize how big a problem obesity is going to become in India. Women happily put on weight and squeeze helpless girls like yours truly in the manner of a juicer.

However, when buses take dangerous turns, it is these fat women that cushion you.

There is still nothing as cheap as a bus ticket in India (10 bucks for a one hour journey).

Air-conditioned buses charge up to 25 bucks for the same journey which isn’t easy to digest when you stand most of the way. On the upside, they play songs from the latest movies.

21 G is really fast, enabling travel from Park Sheraton to Chrompet within an hour, while even going till Velachery takes up to 40 min by bike.

That means the buses will be extremely dangerous at curves on the road – typically you’d be squeezed in somewhere close to the door while taking it at Park Sheraton. Men don’t allow you inside anymore, without a verbal argument or a display of shoulder and elbow strength. Taking a 21 G compares to traveling in an overflowing sack.

Removing both your hands from the grips for even a few seconds means that you may be swung around perilously, as yours truly experienced (when she had to remove the long plait of a co-passenger that was caught in her bag’s zipper) by falling across the laps of two girls in the backseat at a turning in Kotturpuram.

Which is why, after just two weeks of bus travel, I am going to take my bike and travel the estimated 16 km from Chrompet to my office, wading through the traffic as patiently as I can. 21 G took away all my energy. 

A bit of gloating :P

I watched eight movies in the theatre this year. More than I recollect watching during the past couple of years.
I know that hardly matches the number of movies many watch in the theatres. But for me it's quite a decent log. And I watch movies only if the reviews are very positive (with the exception of Enthiran and Asal).

So, here's the list:
Asal - Loved it, because I could write a hilarious blog on hairy Ajit and the rest of the funny stuff.

Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya - Became besotted, because I am an illogical, hopeless romantic.

Inception - Entertainment, fascinating theories, stunningly crafted scenes and Leo Di Caprio rolled into one.

Madrasapattinam - The South Indian period love story. Drool-worthy Arya, a great mix of elements in the story - not new but very entertaining, terrific situational comedy. Paisa vasool!

Inidhu Inidhu - Realised that I had actually matured and was a bit old at heart for it, but it was a good college movie, nevertheless.

Boss Engira Baskaran - Fantastic comedy for family audiences - after a seemingly long time in Tamil cinema.

Enthiran - Paisa bhool gaya  Movie bhool gaya :P.

Harry Potter 7, Part 1 - A must-watch movie (otherwise maana prachanai). Pretty good movie, but I missed Hogwarts.

The end of the year is approaching. I hope to catch at least one more movie in a theatre!