Love is the most beautiful thing…

It is “nonsense” that makes complete sense. Seems strange… but is natural.

When you discover it, you think… What is happening? I never thought this will happen… but you cherish it.

It makes you incredibly ecstatic.

You’d give anything for true love.

You’d care for the person forever… at least in some small way.

Love doesn’t understand things like religion and physical attributes. It only understands the heart.

It puts a shine in your eyes and makes your heart bounce.

It is born when something about the other person touches your heart so deeply that it flips… in a microsecond.
Time for my next post…

When some things in life get complex, you get irritated… you want to get to the root of those things and find out why they’re happening… how you can solve ‘em…

Some things are beautiful when they’re tangled up… you like them as they are, and you’re happy with them.

When these untangle themselves and you feel them in their simplest form, you’re forced to make a logical decision.

Ignorance is bliss. In some situations, it is true.
Yesterday my colleague drew up the roller blind to let in sunlight. He exclaimed: “Kandravi” and closed it immediately.

Through the window we get a straight view of a cozy looking secluded corner seat in the Coffee Day in the next building. You know that it is a seat where couples try to get as much privacy as they can in a public place. The couples who come to this Coffee Day are truly unfortunate to give people the opportunity to stare at them. Well, Coffee Day is to blame. I hope they put some window blinds near that seat.

Of Coffee and Muckee

Everyday I drink 4 cups of a brown fluid that has a coffee flavour but is hardly related to filter coffee and Bru. Let me call it muckee, which my system sometimes finds intolerably yucky. (Now if McDonald’s came up with something like Muckee customers would call it McKee – but of course they won’t.) If the coffee is not fit for even the lowest of beings, I ignore it. But 99% of the time it goes into my stimulation-craving system. Our Chaya Cheta’s coffee at least has the essential quality.

I want to reveal a shocking truth – the only brown fluid I drink these days is muckee. Shame on me. I don’t take coffee at home in the mornings, or in the evenings. I ignore my mother’s coffee. The only time I tasted good coffee recently was when I went to a client’s office. The coffee provided a few blissful moments of relief during the tension-filled meeting.

The other day a couple of my colleagues were saying they were going to boycott the Chaya Cheta. They drink only tea, but of course I assumed the tea was really bad. Only later I found they were boycotting after the guy started coming late.

By drinking muckee I am bringing disgrace to myself. But what do I do? I get nothing else free of cost during work hours. (Beyond the fact that it keeps me going through the day – in some way. In spite of the taste.) And don’t we all like free food and drink?