A full moon night on the beach :-)

There was a big yellow moon over the sea, putting a smile in my heart and calming my mind. The waves roared louder and rose higher. They glinted a beautiful silver, moonlight dispersed across them. But what was even more beautiful than their glitter was the spot on the ocean, right beneath the moon – a shimmering island of silver in the great sea.

I had gone to the beach that evening with a friend. We sat quite close to the water, looking out at the waves lapping up the slope they carved in the sand. Our breezy chit chat was made breezier by the surroundings.

We shared a coneful of the quintessential beach snack – son papdi. It was on my mind throughout the evening and when my friend suggested that we have it, I couldn’t resist.

My Mom called me in the middle and asked me to get home soon. I said I’d leave in 10 minutes, but no I didn’t. It took me more than half-an-hour. More time had to be spent leisurely, there were more things to talk about, a stretch of sand to be ambled across slowly, the mind enraptured by the surroundings, not falling in step with the equally reluctant but resistant feet.

Time flies when spent at the beach; so every visit requires hours and hours to be devoted, to experience it completely. No regular leisure activity can work as much magic on your mood as the beach can.

Pilaachapi of the day

A prolonged good mood is like a hula hoop. When it goes down, you need to do some quick wiggling and jiggling of your attitude & routines to bring it back fast.