Thalai Kodhi Viduvaaya? (Err.. Vinnai thaandi Varuvaaya review :-D)

Alternative title – Enakku 22, Unakku 23

Let me explain the title first. Simbu follows, saitadichifies and romances Trisha in the movie whenever he’s not brushing his hair with his hand (fingers-a typical Simbu ishtyle-la aatta mudiyalenaalum epdiyaavadhu use panna thudichaaru polarukku :D), rubbing his fingers up his forehead or dancing with a group. I was tempted to use that title.

VTV is one of the best romantic movies in recent times. It is like a breeze that bowls over the eternal romantic (like yours truly). Simbu’s a year younger than Trisha in the movie (while he’s 3 years younger than her in real life :D – I think). He falls in love at first sight – I don’t believe in that… but still it’s only a movie.

Each romance sequence wakes you up to the beauty of love and the trials and tribulations of lovers. The movie was fresh and had me hooked till near the end. Simbu and Trisha share a crackling chemistry. Nothing seems awkward between them.

The climax, however, is a bitter pill (the lead pair even sings a duet and get married before it ends – then we discover it was all imagination!). It is practical, yes. It makes the movie different, yes. But don’t we all like our romance movies a little more happy, dream-like and predictable? I happily missed all the clues to the climax. Romance between people of 2 religions may not always be feasible, but I would’ve preferred this movie to end in some other way.

Both the music and the BGM were fantastic (Rahman-na sollanuma?). I fell even more in love with the soundtrack after watching the movie. The cinematography was excellent. The sea and locales in Malta were beautifully captured. Overall, a terrific movie that will appeal to both diehard romantics and those who are very practical in choosing their partners. Kudos to Gautam and the team!