Hope is unique, for it holds strength in fragility.
When you notice creases around your mouth and crow's feet near your eyes, remember how many times you would've smiled... and smile again! :-)

Friendship, coffee, smiles, hugs, rain… I want to experience everything again!

I had the good day, but the best part of it was the evening that followed.

My friend S messaged me suggesting that we meet at Coffee Day in the evening. Another friend and
ex-colleague A, who is really hard to pin down, was able to come – he had a holiday for Bakrid.
I think I met him after nearly 8 months.

We ordered cappuccinos and choco cake & chattered, cracked jokes and clicked pics :-). The evening was total fun. We spent a couple of hours, but I wish the evening had lasted a little longer. No amount of time is enough when you’re out with friends.

S indulged in choco cake – she doesn’t have a particular preference for it, but today she had a good go at it – I guess my choc-craze rubbed off on her (good habit! I hope it continues). She also clicked a pic of my special smile that I reserve only for desserts :-).

A was his usual funny self. Cinematic dialogues, Nambiar smiles, funny jokes, et al. That was a wonderful antidote after a tense (but good) day.

Then sadness took over me. I was gonna miss my friends :-(. I won’t be able to meet A much. S is leaving Chennai soon. I gave her a hug – it can express so much, that you can’t say in words. I am an advocate of hugging.

I headed home, traversing rain slicked roads, splashy puddles, getting muddy water on my arms, but I didn’t mind much today :-). It started raining on the way and I decided to get soaked (even though I had a raincoat in the seat compartment). Thanks to my great mood, it was complete bliss. Now the rain will be glad that I really enjoyed it :-) (Also I had fun kick starting my scooter today after 2 years – really, yes – the self starter let out a “busss…” sound of resignation in the morning).

I decided to skip the torturous Vijaynagar signal in Velachery (lest it spoiled my good mood) and took a tiny dark lane that was full of enormous puddles and manholes. I carefully followed the scooter in front of me, to make sure I took a path that would keep me safe from the manholes and wouldn’t make my vehicle shake and make me put my feet in the water – for my day began with one such incident).

It was a great evening and ended with this wonderful blog entry. I hope the mood carries on throughout the week. Thank you, dear friends and Coffee Day!  :-)