We should hang our heads in shame.

College students are still inflicting violence on their juniors in the name of ragging. Akhil Dev was first asked to lick the shoes of his seniors – reminds me of a scene from the movie Siraichalai (which is set in the British period, in the Andaman jail.) while he was beat up. Akhil was then hit with a frying pan and a steel chair. Then his head was banged against a wall! He was also punched in the eyes! The unforgivable acts of ruthless villains! And these villains were only given suspension! Apparently the college even tried to resolve the conflict by getting both parties to meet, to save its reputation. What the hell!  

Read this!

He was reportedly beaten up after he refused to pay the seniors money for the second time after giving them 3,000. Doctors who are treating the 19-year-old management student said that he has nine holes in his retinas and may lose his eyesight by the time he turns 25.” 

Source: http://news.oneindia.in/2009/04/12/ragging-19-yr-old-student-blinded-in-tamil-nadu.html


The violent ragging that this 19-year-old first-year BBM student in PSG Arts and Science College in Coimbatore was subjected to a month ago has left him with “nine holes in the retina and an impaired hearing.” That is apart from the back injuries and the mental trauma that he is trying to overcome with the help of psychiatric counsellors.”

Source: The Hindu


Akhil said that he was diagnosed with nerve hemorrhage in the eyes besides injuries to the spinal cord.”

Source: http://www.dnaindia.com/report.asp?newsid=1246991


What do we blame for turning college students into inhuman tormentors? Violent movies? Acts of terrorism which people read about? We have a lot of things to put the blame on… but is each one of us influenced by violence? Humanitarianism is important! People may harbour violent thoughts, yes. But what gives a person the right to torture another – physically or mentally? Where has humaneness gone? Do these people have consciences? If they don’t, their self-control has disappeared.

Don’t we say “Men turn into beasts” sometimes? Well, why do we call some animals beasts? Animals don’t have the sixth sense that can make them good, or violent. We do. And we should stop misusing it.

Let’s make a pledge to be non-violent and humane!

I am ashamed of myself

Don't be so nice that you forget insulting things people say!  

I like people for the good things they do. Dislike them for the bad things. If an insulting comment is thrown at me by someone whom I like to an extent, and they don’t regret it one bit, I feel hurt… till they talk to me in a friendly way. In an instant, my anger disappears, along with my self-respect. (There may be other reasons which I must analyse.) Why am I such a nice person? Why can’t I throw attitude? Why can’t I care a damn? Why can’t I stamp on people?

I guess I won’t be able to become a mean minded arrogant person who makes others miserable. But at least this blog article will remind me to guard my self-respect, so that I become a better person. This message is for you too, of course.