Sometimes you realize that God has played a practical joke on you - a situation you come across in life. (don't call me negative) Yet. you smile, accept it and move on. Because God is still your friend!
Human beings are like computers. Their systems usually shut down at night and get switched on in the morning, but sometimes they operate in sleep mode.

Mouna VIradam

Guide to following Mouna Viradam - Go to Sandy's Chocolab. Order a chocolate truffle ball. Pop it into your mouth in pani puri style and let it melt away slowly. It's 5 minutes of blissful silence. ;)

The Gentleman's Game?

First, Afridi said that Muslims and Pakistanis were largehearted and that was their attitude towards Indians when they played cricket in Pakistan, but Indians didn't not welcome Pakistani players with the same attitude.

Yuvraj Singh retaliated, cheekily commenting that the largehearted attitude of Afridi's players reflected in the catches they dropped (Tendulkar - 4 times) in the Indo-Pak World Cup semifinal.

Harbhajan contributed his bit to the slanging match, saying that if Indians didn't have a great attitude, they wouldn't have progressed this far in cricket.

While I will ignore Afridi's comments about Pakistanis, he was right when he said spoke against the alleged warning to the players, to not indulge in match fixing, by the Interior Minister Malik and Gautam Gambhir's unnecessary comment that he'd dedicate World Cup victory to the victims of 26/11 attacks in Mumbai. It was alleged that they were planned by Paki militants but Gambhir dumbly let loose his tongue in the midst of the hype over the India-Pakistan match..

None of this would've made the newspapers if cricketers hadn't come forth to put forth their opinions. Like the Centrefresh Viral WC ad said "The game is more important than the cup. Just shut up!" It's a Gentleman's game, folks. Be gentlemen.

Like Dhoni proved in his calm conduct and quiet tolerance of the hype preceding the India-Pakistan match.

Dear cricketers, we'll always love and support you, but please live up to the name of cricket.

...under the spell of lovely Loren

Yesterday I watched my first two Sophia Loren movies – back to back. This voluptuous siren still receives adulation with true reason. Her beauty and appeal radiate through even when she’s wearing a simple dress and is magnified in period costumes and impeccable make-up (with a beauty mark).

The movies I watched were in contrast with each other. The first one, “A Breath of Scandal” featured Loren as a feisty Austrian princess who falls in love with an American. It was a comedy that was not absolutely perfect, but quite a good watch – of course, most importantly because of Loren.

The other was “Houseboat” – where she stars opposite Cary Grant who plays a widower. He is forced to live in a dilapidated houseboat. She is a nanny to his three children, and that irrepressible beauty shines through elegant everyday clothes. But still, she is a down-to-earth, girl next door – another reason why I really liked her in that movie. Apparently, Grant succumbed to her charm – he fell in love with her during a movie they filmed the year before, but she was already in love with someone else (sources - and a Readers Digest interview with Loren, several years back). I liked Cary Grant too, and he was 54 when the movie was released, yet quite handsome and charming. It was only the second Grant film I watched.

Sophia Loren really was something else. She was a phenomenon. I’ll add her, along with Audrey Hepburn, Bette Davis (just "All About Eve") and Marilyn Monroe (watched 5 movies of hers), to my list of favorite actresses. Thanks to these wonderful stars, I am becoming a complete 50s & 60s romantic comedy junkie. And I’m loving it!