I’m not perfect. And neither are you.

I’m a very direct person, at least to the people I become close to. I cannot hide my affection for them. Neither can I hide my anger when I am pissed off. I express my feelings, not with a shout, but in firm words and a level voice. But I feel very sad when such circumstances occur, because I get so attached to people that I don’t expect them to disappoint me.

I have noticed that some people develop a “holier than thou” attitude. When someone shows them love and compliments them, it makes them feel even better about themselves – but it shows up in a negative way. They take you for granted, and hurt you without knowing it. And they don’t identify their mistakes, or apologize, because they think they are right. It’s your fault that you made them imagine that they are perfect people. Then they try to stomp over you.

Accept it, nobody’s perfect. And when you’re nice to people on the outside, but complain about them to others, develop self pity, feeling you’re a soul who is fated to put up with them and you’re kindhearted enough to do that for a lifetime, that does not make you a wonderful person.

It is always better to unload most of your emotions in person, even if it’s in installments, rather than smile at someone and go bitch about them behind their backs. Neither are you happy, nor will they be happy when they find out the truth – believe me, there is divine justice for every purposeful mistake. But no, I am not bothered about when that will happen to you – I’ll carry on with my life. People will eventually keep away from you when they realize that you are doing that.

I’m not asking everyone to be like me – expressing my feelings openly. But, at least try not to develop deep negative thoughts, for you’ll end up shedding them in the worst ways.  Find ways to cleanse your mind. You will feel better, and so will others.