On Dark Desire. Again.

It seems chocolate has the same chemical that’s produced by the brain when a person falls in love.

I think that creates a link between a romantic mood and chocolate. I don’t want to attempt a theory on that - complex stuff I don’t feel compelled to think about. I feel that if women are influenced by a romantic moment or thought, they crave chocolate after some time, whether the effect is positive or negative (I don’t know about men). Let me take my own example.

One evening I was feeling emotionally disturbed because of the lack of a boyfriend (which doesn’t usually cause sadness). My mind and stomach told me to head straight to Carnival and sink my teeth into delicious chocolate cake. So, off I went, and ate the cake very fast and subsequently declared to my colleague that it was incredibly tasty. The next day I had chocolate mousse. Clearly the craving hadn’t worn off.

A couple of years back I indulged in some heavy duty flirting with a crush, and after I went home that day, proceeded to polish off a Snickers bar and a Mars bar. With every bite, my taste buds were screaming for more. Now I shudder at the thought of taking in so many calories on a whim.

And just yesterday night I dreamt about falling in love with my ‘ideal mate’. I was so absorbed in the dream that when I woke up, I just couldn’t believe that it was a beautiful dream for a few moments. Later in the day, uncontrollable temptation sent me zooming (on my bike) to my neighbourhood supermarket where I was quick to grab a dinosaur shaped chocolate (yeah :-D), a Kit Kat, and a Cadbury’s Temptations Rum and Raisin (I swore mentally that I’d finish it only over a week or so). About 10 minutes later I almost made a spectacle of myself in office, licking chocolate off my fingers (the dinosaur shaped chocolate had melted and I was taking out the gooey chocolate), while my MD walked into the room. So I went into another room and continued to devour the chocolate in an uncivilized manner. And thought I oozed sex appeal while licking my fingers. (Consolation for appearing uncivilized).

My craze for chocolate is not just limited to those moments. Chocolate milk is my preferred flavoured milk. I love chocolate flavoured gelato. But thankfully, I don’t need chocolate everyday, and can avoid temptation when needed.

Do you feel all set for a few bites of chocolate now? Go ahead. Indulge.