Whine Flu

My ears are sore. People around me are whining and worrying non-stop. I cannot blame them for worrying, but many don’t even take some basic steps to prevent spread of diseases – which are stated in TOI in bullet points – cover your nose / mouth with a tissue or handkerchief when you sneeze or cough, try not to touch your mouth / nose /eyes often, wash your hands often.

They should do all this, maintain good personal hygiene and avoid eating out unnecessarily. Get tested – which I feel is not necessary for each person who panics and runs to testing centres, for waiting along with possible germ carriers gives them greater risk - and wear masks. That is the maximum they can do.

A whiner from my office polambified about swine flu and a few hours later wanted bonda from a roadside stall. And later picked his nose.

Sneeze and people suspect you might have swine flu. Why is it that times are so advanced but a flu scare can drive people insane? Is it because a threat to life can drain your mind of logic?

I probably sound like I care a damn for people’s fears, but no. I would like to remain optimistic while being careful and such an attitude can carry us through this.

It is high time people whine less, keep their worries to themselves and lower their risk while making sure they follow basic prevention steps.
My office is on Cenotaph Road. Right now my office building is surrounded by clouds of dust and heaps of mud and stones, with the flyover under construction, but one thought about what a great location it is puts a smile on my face.

Coffee Day is right next to my office. One of the best Coffee Day outlets I have ever seen. I don’t see people blocking my way and men at the next table don’t seem to talk loudly right in my ear. There is a lovely corner seat with a huge glass window next to it, offering a view of half a towering coconut tree (for the rest of the view you have to block the way of vehicles who get a small section of the road to come through – or you can sit top of on the half-constructed flyover :-P with a glass of coffee in your hand – the tree looks beautiful, more a refreshing sight against a patch of blue sky in the midst of buildings and heaps of rubble). The absence of traffic that is a blessing in spite of the presence of rubble and the cement pillars of the flyover. And the most divine chocolate cake (How could I not mention that?).

Loads of other benefits are offered by the location… If I want to shop in Pondy Bazaar during lunchtime, it takes me just 10 minutes to reach the place. TTK Road is 5 minutes away. Mandaveli and RA Puram 10 minutes away. Adyar is just around 20 minutes away – via Kotturpuram – a route which has traffic but doesn’t require you to face an endless battle like the one on the Adyar bridge. My house in Velachery is only 35 minutes away. Some people think my area is literally cut off from the main city – LOL. And I get to ride down OMR – another great place which offers a lovely ride in spite of the traffic. I even do 80 sometimes.

Another bonus – my friend’s house is just a walk down from office. That’s great. But I haven’t gone there after a workday. I should! (But we have met up at Coffee Day and had a nice time :-) )

All in all, I am really happy that my office is in this terrific location. I could gush on and on about it. But I guess I have said enough :-).