Just another blog. I'm touching upon copywriting this time.

It’s time for yet another blog entry. Not because something has inspired me to create philosophies, but because it’s better for me to write something, just so it can help me in copywriting*. After I’d done quite a lot of blogging, which I do about a multitude of issues close to my heart, I started writing with the same level of enthusiasm and ability. Copywriting became even more fun, bringing more pleasure with every word, and urging me to write better. It seems some copywriters - even highly skilled ones - write with the fear that the ad or brochure may be their worst piece of work, and some even worry that it’ll be their last. That's good, because it gives the motivation to perform better each time. I do worry if my current assignment is going to be my worst piece, but I know I have endless advertising copy to write in the future.

I know a number of copywriters, some excellent, with years of experience behind them. Some others churn out great, good and bad work, not necessarily in that order, failing to show reasonable overall progress each year. Some think they know advertising and have been writing for a few years (because they surely can’t go too far without people knocking on their heads and making them see sense), thinking they write good copy for each and every ad. I know one such person who wrote such copy, which was rejected by a client as it talked in a negative way. Not that negatives never work. But one should know where they shouldn’t be used. Some others start their own agencies at a very young age. They may take up the mantle of Creative Director right away. It’s good to see that many such companies are emerging. However, some of them do not maintain the standards that good advertising demands, possibly because they’re attracted by the fun and obvious scope for creativity in advertising. Sure, you can start your own agency, get some clients who like your work, and be reasonably successful. But think if you are doing justice to advertising and whether you can sustain yourself in the long run.

However the copywriter may be, it is important to read, write and ideate constantly. Of course, an agency where you can master everything in copywriting well is a big ticket to a great career.

*Copywriting means writing content for ads, brochures and other brand communication material.