Great Dessert Destinations

As a girl who has had lots of chocolate cake, I think I can recommend some good places for desserts in Alwarpet and Abiramapuram (these places have met my emergency need for desserts).


Carnival is an unassuming place… but as you walk in a lip-smacking cake display greets you. One bite of cake and you’re sure to make it your favourite cake destination. Carnival’s chocolate mousse is delicious… to me mousse is always a cream overload, but that’s how it is meant to be anyway. The quality of the chocolate and cream is very good.

And Carnival’s birthday cakes are amazing… be it Butterscotch, Black Forest or Chocolate Cake… each one of them leaves you craving for more. They’re just the way great birthday cakes should be. We always order Carnival cakes for colleagues’ birthday parties.

Pizza Corner

Yeah. The same place I cribbed about in my previous article. But I’d mentioned that I am a fan of their desserts, right? They have yummy stuff… Pineapple Banana Fudge which is delicious (also I haven’t eaten it anywhere else) and their huge chocolate brownie, which is simply yummm, but is too much for one person, and has to be shared. Both the desserts are served with a scoop of delicious ice cream.

Cream Centre

Their Kulfi is simply out of this world. And their chocolate sundae is delicious too! Unfortunately these are the only good things I have to say.


Naomi Campbell is awesome. And I loved Dolly Parton too.

You would’ve concluded that I am nuts. Let me clear things!
Naomi Campbell is what they call their brownie. Their vanilla-chocolate milkshake has been christened Dolly Parton. And both are simply delicious. Do try them!

Amma Naana

Rows of pretty, beautifully decorated mousses, tarts and cakes beckon you from their bakery counter. I hope they taste as good - I should blame myself for not trying them.
Whenever I go to Amma Naana, I head to a corner where they have carrot cake from Wholistic Breads – which makes cakes from whole flour as the name suggests. I love the carrot cake, and only the carrot cake… but my mom doesn’t and I assume many dessert aficionados won’t. Amma Naana also sells Chocolate Bread… which I haven’t seen in any other shop… just simple stuff – bread with cocoa powder added. And needless to say, it is yummm.

I can’t think of any other good dessert places I have visited (heard of Sin and Chocolab… I should surely visit them soon). Go on, visit these places and take your taste buds on a pleasure trip!

Have you seen the gypsy jewellery shops in Besant Nagar? On the platforms and in push carts? They sell the brightest baubles in Chennai. And at prices that’ll make you want to go on a shopping binge – even with a very low budget.

A profusion of bead jewellery in a myriad colours grabs your attention. Orange and yellow bead earrings… a long multi-colour bead necklace with yellow beads that almost look like smiley symbols… gorgeous blue earrings with translucent beads, that are almost magically beautiful – and much more. The jewellery is made in a very simple way… the beauty lies in the colours. There is a lot of jewellery which is gaudy too… but if you know what to pick / what to wear it with, you will get gorgeous stuff… at every gypsy jewellery shop.

I have a boxful of earrings, necklaces and bracelets that I bought from these gypsies. Some of my favs in the collection are a pair of Fanta orange glass bead earrings – they’re unique, funky, different… - like you dare to string up colourful candy and wear it. I also have a pair of those blue earrings.

And like I mentioned… the jewellery comes incredibly cheap. Rs. 10 for a pair of earrings, Rs. 20 for a bracelet, Rs. 30-40 for a long necklace which you can wear as a double-loop! Can you believe it?

The same kind of jewellery which Westside would sell for Rs. 200. Even at Pondy Bazaar it would be more expensive. And this stuff is more beautiful than that…
So the next time you want to buy colourful junk jewellery, visit the gypsy shops and fill up your bags! Now did I really have to tell you that? I think you probably will! :)
Pizza Corner (let me call it PC) has a new offering – “Pizza with Rice”

It gets you all excited… Pizza with Rice… Rs. 69 only... blah blah blah

You go there, stomach grumbling, taste buds eager (I went to PC, Abiramapuram). And you’re in for deep disappointment (Knew this line was coming, didn’t you?). You discover that PC has pulled the worst trick on you.

“Pizza with Rice” is actually a few vegetables tossed together with what looked to me like a local variety of rice… and they serve such a huge amount that it leaves you groaning (sarcasm).

At Abiramapuram Pizza Corner, this masterpiece of a dish arrives at my table 25 minutes after I order it. And only 3 tables are occupied in the whole place. On top of that the waiter who attends to me has a smile that reminds me of a lecherous ex-colleague.

They didn’t even have the courtesy to give me a glass of water. I tell you – I wanted to ask him if he didn’t have water there. Unfortunately I am a loyal (laugh, laugh :) ) customer as I am a fan of their pasta and desserts. Who knows, if I ask such questions, I might be given horrid food, or the chef might add too many chillies which would make me scream for water (and which they would probably say they don’t have), or worse, I might be banned. But I can’t take the risk. I need to have the pasta once in a few weeks.

So this bullshit, plus what we pay for their air-conditioning, also for the water he didn’t give me, a view of Indian bank from a corner table and stinging in the eyes caused by some crap they do with chillies in their kitchen (I bet every customer at PC Abiramapuram will experience this... during every alternate visit) – all this amounts to Rs. 69, they think.

I can say – the food amounts to Rs. 15-20 max. I also have to kick the cook’s ass – both for the food and his chilli experiments. And bash up the waiters… or one good screaming and yelling session might be worth my money. But I would probably be thrown out unceremoniously.

I swear… PC will have a million people complaining about that Pizza with Rice crap. Who do they think will order this for that price and eat? Foreigners maybe, because they would want to try rice. Or stupid snobs who think its cool to blow money on rice when they can eat tastier rice at home. This food doesn’t even match the taste of the oily Szechwan (purely Indian taste) fried rice I ate at a small wannabe Punju dhaba in Velachery.

I wrote this after a friend told me to blog on things like restaurants etc. – things which would interest many. And look what came out. I simply couldn’t say anything positive about that rice. I have to write something about the pasta and the desserts.