Great Dessert Destinations

As a girl who has had lots of chocolate cake, I think I can recommend some good places for desserts in Alwarpet and Abiramapuram (these places have met my emergency need for desserts).


Carnival is an unassuming place… but as you walk in a lip-smacking cake display greets you. One bite of cake and you’re sure to make it your favourite cake destination. Carnival’s chocolate mousse is delicious… to me mousse is always a cream overload, but that’s how it is meant to be anyway. The quality of the chocolate and cream is very good.

And Carnival’s birthday cakes are amazing… be it Butterscotch, Black Forest or Chocolate Cake… each one of them leaves you craving for more. They’re just the way great birthday cakes should be. We always order Carnival cakes for colleagues’ birthday parties.

Pizza Corner

Yeah. The same place I cribbed about in my previous article. But I’d mentioned that I am a fan of their desserts, right? They have yummy stuff… Pineapple Banana Fudge which is delicious (also I haven’t eaten it anywhere else) and their huge chocolate brownie, which is simply yummm, but is too much for one person, and has to be shared. Both the desserts are served with a scoop of delicious ice cream.

Cream Centre

Their Kulfi is simply out of this world. And their chocolate sundae is delicious too! Unfortunately these are the only good things I have to say.


Naomi Campbell is awesome. And I loved Dolly Parton too.

You would’ve concluded that I am nuts. Let me clear things!
Naomi Campbell is what they call their brownie. Their vanilla-chocolate milkshake has been christened Dolly Parton. And both are simply delicious. Do try them!

Amma Naana

Rows of pretty, beautifully decorated mousses, tarts and cakes beckon you from their bakery counter. I hope they taste as good - I should blame myself for not trying them.
Whenever I go to Amma Naana, I head to a corner where they have carrot cake from Wholistic Breads – which makes cakes from whole flour as the name suggests. I love the carrot cake, and only the carrot cake… but my mom doesn’t and I assume many dessert aficionados won’t. Amma Naana also sells Chocolate Bread… which I haven’t seen in any other shop… just simple stuff – bread with cocoa powder added. And needless to say, it is yummm.

I can’t think of any other good dessert places I have visited (heard of Sin and Chocolab… I should surely visit them soon). Go on, visit these places and take your taste buds on a pleasure trip!

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Sneha Abraham said...

hi, nice food post, after reading this, i am thinking i will go to carnival sometine soon,. where is it located?