Pros and Cons of Bus Travel (21 G - throat choking smiley)

You realize how big a problem obesity is going to become in India. Women happily put on weight and squeeze helpless girls like yours truly in the manner of a juicer.

However, when buses take dangerous turns, it is these fat women that cushion you.

There is still nothing as cheap as a bus ticket in India (10 bucks for a one hour journey).

Air-conditioned buses charge up to 25 bucks for the same journey which isn’t easy to digest when you stand most of the way. On the upside, they play songs from the latest movies.

21 G is really fast, enabling travel from Park Sheraton to Chrompet within an hour, while even going till Velachery takes up to 40 min by bike.

That means the buses will be extremely dangerous at curves on the road – typically you’d be squeezed in somewhere close to the door while taking it at Park Sheraton. Men don’t allow you inside anymore, without a verbal argument or a display of shoulder and elbow strength. Taking a 21 G compares to traveling in an overflowing sack.

Removing both your hands from the grips for even a few seconds means that you may be swung around perilously, as yours truly experienced (when she had to remove the long plait of a co-passenger that was caught in her bag’s zipper) by falling across the laps of two girls in the backseat at a turning in Kotturpuram.

Which is why, after just two weeks of bus travel, I am going to take my bike and travel the estimated 16 km from Chrompet to my office, wading through the traffic as patiently as I can. 21 G took away all my energy. 

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