Cheesy Comfort and Dark Desire

In the middle of a dull day there’s nothing more feel-good than a lunch of lasagna layered with gooey cheese and peppered with vegetables (with my eyes glued to a blockbuster movie on an LCD TV), as I discovered today. The low point is that the lunch would’ve amounted to 2000 plus calories (Maybe that’s an exaggeration… I don’t know :-D). Which leads to the second benefit - it motivated me to work out for longer at the gym today.

I had the lasagna at Eatalica. The lasagna at Galloping Gooseberry was yummier, but try as I might, I couldn’t find the pasta. Here I could find the pasta sheets and watch them tear into ribbons as I prodded them with my fork. (It was a satisfying experience, dude.) Hey lasagna, I will come running to you in a few months. Till then you are forgotten (almost). Ok, enough about the pasta.

Now on to the love of many girls’ lives. The poster boy for desire. The dark, drool worthy, tempting... chocolate. Sometimes the very thought of it drives me crazy. Rum chocolate (Cadbury’s Temptations), Dark Chocolate, Ferrero Rocher, Toblerone… what a choice! Mmmmmm. Not long ago, I was in head over heels in love with 5-star Crunchy. Lately however, I have brought down the frequency of my chocolaty indulgences with strong resolve. Thanks to me going to a gym and noting a significant change in my physique.

While on the subject of fattening food… when you’re craving for ice cream, go to Citi Centre and buy gelato instead. It is somewhat similar to ice cream but the fat content is much less. It is made of milk, but is not too creamy. And it is simply delicious and not gooey like ice cream. Seriously, how many among you can stand more than a couple of scoops of ice cream. Don’t you feel that it is getting gooey at the least, if the texture of ice cream is not getting to you? I have had both ice cream and gelato. I like both, but nowadays ice cream reminds me of the huge calorie intake, and gelato is yummier in every sense.

By the way, Gelato is not served in humongous quantities, and is quite expensive. But indulging in ‘heavenly’ ice cream is best done once in a month or two. No harm in having a cup of gelato instead of that every month.

Ok. If I write anything more on food, this talk about extra calories will lose its effect on me, and the reverse will happen when I read this article. Until my next blog, cya, and all the best, weight watchers.


Anonymous said...

The very thought of stereotyping all food stuffs makes one go very hungry :)

Nice Blog especially all those copyrighted contents :)

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Niranjani said...

Hey. Thanks for the comments

Anonymous said...

You sure that is your blog?


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