Splash - A Review

There were three reasons why I wanted to watch Splash – the movie starred Tom Hanks, it was about a mermaid and it was really popular. Then I grew up and decided it would be a frothy teen romance. Then I watched a Daryl Hannah movie, Reckless and liked her – I guess, primarily because she is really tall, like me :-D (also one of the reasons I like Ingrid Bergman – and she was a natural beauty). Coming back to Daryl Hannah, I like her face too, which makes her seem different from many blonde actresses. I finally gave in to temptation and downloaded Splash. And had a pretty good time watching it.

I’m bored of writing in long paragraphs, so I’ll simply put down my review in points:

  • Tom Hanks is cute, but I don’t like his unruly, puffy hair in the movie
  • Daryl Hannah’s ‘natural’ hairstyle, though unruly, makes her look angelic
  • The movie has its genuinely funny moments, like Daryl Hannah uttering her name in extreme-decibel Mermaid language and shattering TV screens
  • And Hannah eating lobster like a cannibal
  • Daryl Hannah doesn’t hesitate to walk naked on the beach, or into Liberty Square
  • Too many kisses between Hannah and Hanks (I’ve grown up)
  • It’s a sweet, though not mushy and diabetic romance. That is nice.
  • The guy appearing as Tom Hanks’ brother in the movie provides good entertainment
  • The movie got 96% on Rotten Tomatoes

Overall, it is a nice, lighthearted movie to watch on a weekend evening. If you are afraid of soppy romances for teenagers, this movie is a much safer option; even if you are a grownup (like me). So, download and enjoy!


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