Cheap Date Ideas - 2

Are you broke? Here are some ideas for dates for which you decide how much you need to blow. Please don't mind the sarcastic humour in some of these. (If you don't like sarcastic humour, please don't read Cheap Date Ideas 1.. thank u).

Dabbu Kammi? Ikkada Choodu!

1. Pick a school working day (so there won’t be any gawking kids around) and take her to the nearest playground. Have a whale of a time playing on swings, slides, seesaws and mud boxes. End it in a really cute way – buy her balloons and cotton candy.

2. Go to the beach. Buy a bunch of balloons and play ball with them. Then tie a large number of balloons together and release them in the air.

3. Another beach date – spend an evening at the beach shooting balloons. Wear cowboy hats and take photos to remember the special moments. After the adventure, spend a chatty evening on the sands, munching son papdi and bajjis.

4. Take her on a motorbike ride in heavy rain. Ride down to a park and when the rain stops, surprise her by going down on one knee and singing a romantic song. (Provided your voice is good – if your voice sounds like that of music composer Deva, take the safe route and lip sync to a song while playing it on a music player in your pocket. On second thought… that doesn’t seem like a safe route because she’ll know that your voice isn’t that good). You can even make it a duet and run around trees.

5. Go to a village “tiruvizha”. Enjoy karagattam, oyillattam and bommalattam. You can even try doing a Ramarajan karagattam act with your girl.

6. This doesn’t really qualify as a date. However it promises fun.
Do a special photo session with your girl. Take charge of costume suggestions as well.

7. Skip pubbing and take her to a Tasmac shop. Drink yourselves silly. Follow it with a drunken duet, swinging around lampposts instead of trees.

8. Take her to Pondy Bazaar and buy her earrings and matching glass bangles in many colours. Be chivalrous (and miserly, remember this is a cheap date!) – take over the bargaining.
Be careful while parking your bike. Park only in a zone that has a “Park here” sign. Otherwise you might spend all your money on junk jewellery and have none left when Police Uncle demands it.

9. Cuddle up with her on a sofa and watch Maine Pyar Kiya. Beware: Salman Khan looks very cute in it.

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